Webinar "Focus on the Petroleum Industry, or How to Increase Oil Production by Half?"

Mr Oleg Kozak

Oleg Kozak is an Export Sales Team Leader in APAC region. He particularly specializes in developing the market of Asia Pacific Region through participation in local tenders and projects. His goal is to find partners for Triol and cooperate with them by promoting our products, thus, maintaining Triol business, increasing sales and generating cash flow.

Oleg Kozak是亚太地区出口销售 团队的负责人。他特别致力于通过参与当地招标和项目来开发亚太市场。他的目标是寻找合作伙伴,通过推销我们的产品来与他们合作,从而促进公司业务,增加销售额和产生现金流。

Event agenda


Why is the implementation of LESP one of the best decision for your business? 

Here’re the key points for you to check: 
1. It's an ideal solution for inclined, horizontal or deviated wells. 
2. Quick system installation – no special needs for tubing and casing. 
3. Sensitivity of the equipment to all changes in well bottom (when oil inflow-outflow changes the whole installation changes its operating algorithm). 
4. Low costs of installation and operation. 
5. Totally new software which is flexible to set.

By the end of the webinar you will:
1. Learn how to make wells with low flow rate profitable again. 
2. Be the first to hear about the main trends in the Artificial Lift – we will tell you about Triol unique and innovative developments in the segment of Artificial Lift market. 
3. Get an individual advice and the opportunity of personal communication with the speaker on any questions regarding LESP and its implementation from Triol Corporation. 
4. Check the newest updates of LESP.

Do not miss the opportunity to improve your oil production with Triol innovative solutions!

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